Iraq.. Re-opening the nomination for the post of President of the Republic

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Iraq.. Parliament reopens candidacy for the post of President of the Republic

On Tuesday, the Iraqi parliament announced the reopening of registration for candidacy for the presidency of the republic, for a period of three days, starting from Wednesday, after a postponement voting session During which the quorum was not completed.

The election of a president of the republic was postponed until further notice, due to the lack of a quorum during a session called on Monday, due to the boycott of political blocs, most notably the Sadr Movement bloc, which won the largest number of seats in Parliament during the recent parliamentary elections.

No date has been set for new elections. A quorum requires the presence of two-thirds of the 329 deputies.

This came in an official statement by the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Al-Halbousi Tuesday, “The Presidency of the House of Representatives (Parliament) decided to open the door for candidacy for the position of President of the Republic, starting from Wednesday, February 9, and for a period of three days.”

The political differences witnessed in the Iraqi arena in recent days reflected the extent of the division between the main parties in a country where important decisions are often taken by consensus and on the basis of negotiations that take place away from the limelight.
The Sadrist movement, led by Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the Sovereignty Coalition led by the Sunni parliament speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi, who is allied with him, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which has 155 seats in parliament, announced its boycott Saturday of the presidential election session.

More than 30 new infections with the Corona virus in the Beijing Olympics

China has arrested more than 30 athletes participating in the Winter Olympics in Beijing and isolated them after they tested positive for the Corona virus, and the head of the specialized medical committee in the session, Brian McCluskey, said: “We will allow as many people as possible to get out of isolation as much as possible, but only as much as we can.” Do it safely,” noting that 50 athletes have been discharged from hospital.

It was previously revealed that 32 athletes were in isolated places in poor conditions, in Beijing, after complaints by some athletes and teams about inedible food, dirty rooms, lack of training equipment and access to the Internet. who face the possibility of losing competitions after years of training.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the tournament organizers are asking everyone in the so-called “Olympic bubble” to perform PCR tests daily, and those who are confirmed to be infected are transferred to an isolation center from which they are only allowed to leave with negative tests, and in this regard, McCluskey stated that the infected Their swabs can show positive for a long time, and previously infected people may also test positive because they were infected again, and they are able to spread the virus.

Macron in Ukraine in an attempt to defuse the crisis

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron held talks in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, with President Volodymyr Zelensky, who said he expected to hold a summit soon with the leaders of Russia, France and Germany.

“We expect in the near future… that we will be able to hold the next talks between the leaders of the Normandy Quartet,” Zelensky said during a press conference, referring to the negotiations to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

While the French president stressed that progress towards reducing tension is possible. “We now have the possibility to advance these negotiations” between Russia and Ukraine, he told the press conference, adding that he saw “concrete and practical solutions” to reduce tension between Moscow and the West.

French President Emmanuel Macron is visiting after presenting in Moscow his proposals to defuse the crisis linked to Ukraine, while Russia announced that it is ready for “compromises”. Macron confirmed Tuesday that he had obtained from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, during their talks Monday in Moscow, “there has been no deterioration or escalation” in the crisis between Russia and the West over Ukraine.

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