Abu Jabal reveals what Gasama did with Salah..and a message to Senegal

Abu Jabal said during televised statements: “Gasama came to us before the match and threatened that any member of the technical staff would object to be expelled. But we were able not to help him implement what he wanted to achieve.”

He continued: “Before the Cameroon match with Kari Gassama, he came to check the players and stopped Mohamed Salah in front of him for more than 3 minutes to make sure that he was Mohamed Salah through his identification card. Does Mohamed Salah need to make sure that he is Mohamed Salah and you are standing in front of him?”

He concluded his statements: “Gasama did not want to announce Egypt’s victory against Cameroon, so I asked him why he did not announce the end of the match, and he told me that he is making sure of the penalty shootout result from the video, and not the validity of the last penalty kick.”

Egypt defeated hosts Cameroon in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals on penalties.

Talking to Mindy

And about Senegal goalkeeper Edward Mendy winning the award for the best player in the tournament, he said: “In numbers and statistics, I outperformed Mendy, but the African Confederation’s assessment is strange and we do not know any basis for it.”

And he revealed his conversation with him, saying: “Mendy asked to replace his shirt with me after the press conference and assured me that I gave an outstanding performance throughout the tournament.”

He continued: “Al-Shennawy was the first to embrace me after the end of the Senegal match, with Issam El-Hadary, because I could not contain myself from crying.”

He continued, “It was difficult moments that no one could imagine except for those who played the match. We wanted to rejoice and bring joy to the hearts of the fans who have encouraged us strongly since the beginning of the tournament.”

When asked why Salah hit the last ball, he said: “Sadio Mane was also the last to hit the Senegalese team, and this is normal for the team’s star to be the last.”

He explained, “I spoke with the players in the dressing room after the end of the match and told them if they wanted to live the same moments again in the World Cup qualifiers, let them tell me that, because we want to live moments of happiness.”

“I told the players that just as Senegal celebrated our victory in the Nations Cup, we will celebrate in their country by qualifying for the World Cup,” he concluded.

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