A brutal massacre in Yemen..A Houthi leader executed 8 members of his family

Yemeni media sources said that Houthi leader Jamal Abdul-Malik Hashem al-Kibsi, one of the supervisors appointed by the militias in the Maabar area, north of Dhamar Governorate, committed, on Sunday, a heinous massacre, killing 8 members of his family in mysterious circumstances.

According to the sources, the victims are his mother, his wife, four of his children – two boys and two girls – and his brother and stepmother.

Activists and researchers attribute the causes of these crimes to the abuse of drugs and stimulants provided by the militias and the militia members to them on the battle fronts.

The fate of al-Kibsi has not yet been known, and no clarification has been issued by the security authorities in the Houthi-controlled governorate.

From time to time, armed Houthi militia members, in their areas of control, commit similar crimes without being brought to any accountability or trial.

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