Postponing the election of a President of the Republic in Iraq indefinitely

Baghdad (AFP) – 07/02/2022. 17:40

A boycott of parliamentary sessions delays the election of a president in Iraq

The election of a President of the Republic in Iraq was postponed until further notice, Monday, after a quorum was not completed during a session of the House of Representatives, following a series of boycotts previously announced by the political blocs, most notably the Sadrist bloc.

was Iraqi parliament He was called to meet on Monday to elect a President of the Republic, but the positions issued by parliamentary blocs and deputies announced a boycott of the session, which led to a lack of a quorum.

These positions were preceded by the announcement of the Iraqi judiciary to suspend the candidacy of one of the most prominent candidates for the presidency, Hoshyar Zebari, as a result of suspicions of corruption.

Officially, the session was scheduled for noon (09.00 GMT), but after a large number of deputies announced their boycott of the session, only 58 deputies out of 329 attended.

Interrupted by the thoracic block

An official, who declined to be named, told AFP that “today’s session has turned into a deliberative dialogue session, and there will be no vote to elect the president of the republic due to the lack of a quorum, which requires two-thirds of the number of parliamentarians.”

In turn, MP Mishaan al-Jubouri, one of the few parliamentarians who attended the parliament session, said, “There will be no vote to elect the president of the republic today.”

Before the noon session began, an AFP journalist saw only twenty MPs pray, instead of the dozens who usually enter the building located in the heavily fortified Green Zone in the heart of Baghdad.

The Sadrist movement’s bloc of 73 deputies announced, since Saturday, a boycott of the session.

And based on a lawsuit submitted by four deputies, the Iraqi Federal Court, which is the highest judicial body in the country, decided on Sunday to “temporarily suspend the procedures for electing Hoshyar Zebari until a case is resolved” against him related to accusations of corruption against him.

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