Live broadcast.. the funeral of the Moroccan child Rayan

Morocco (news now) – 07/02/2022. 16:52

The world bids farewell to the Moroccan child Ryan

On Monday afternoon, the funeral procession of Moroccan child Rayan arrived in the village of Igrane in the northern Chefchaouen province.

The convoy came from the capital, Rabat, amid significant security reinforcements.

According to local sources, hundreds of people visit the family home of Moroccan child Rayan to offer condolences.

It is expected that a few moments later (after the noon prayer) the funeral ceremony for the body of the child Rayan, where the funeral prayer will be held near his house on the outskirts of the well in which he fell.

Ryan’s death

After his death was officially announced, The royal court explained In a statement issued on Saturday, King Mohammed VI phoned Rayan’s parents and expressed his deepest condolences to all family members, as well as his appreciation for the tireless efforts of the authorities during the process of removing Rayan from the well.

The operation to rescue Rayan, a 5-year-old stuck in the middle of a well 60 meters deep and not exceeding 30 cm in diameter, on the outskirts of Chefchaouen, in northern Morocco, occupied the whole world.

The incident witnessed great sympathy from all over the world, as tweeters posted on the social networking site “Twitter”, pictures of the child and attached them to blogs in different languages, and launched many hashtags.

The child spent about 100 hours inside a narrow hole in the well, during which he suffered a hemorrhage in his head due to hitting the rocks during his fall. Medical examinations conducted by the medical team that entered the tunnel to extract the child Ryan showed that he was suffering from fractures in the neck and spine.

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