New book accuses Darwin’s theory of “plagiarism”

The book, written by Dr. Mike Sutton, says that there is an almost perfect match between Darwin’s book in which he formulated the theory of evolution, and another book by another medical scientist named Patrick Matthew.

Sutton’s book is titled Scientific Fraud: Darwin’s Stealing Patrick Matthew’s Theory.

“This is the largest scientific theft in history,” Sutton said, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, on Sunday.

The summary of Darwin’s idea is that with the passage of time the hereditary traits in living organisms change, which leads in practice to the production of multiple species, meaning that the current complex forms were the result of the evolution of previous, simpler forms.

Darwin’s theory raises a lot of controversy, and it is rejected by the followers of the heavenly religions, which believe in divine creation, while natural science studies the relationship between living organisms and their environments.

The book said that Darwin published in 1859 the book “The Origin of Species”, in which he explained his theory, but 28 years before that date, Matthew published a book on seawood and wild trees.

In his book, Matthew explains similar findings from the theory of evolution by natural selection.

The book highlights similarities between key phrases and explanations, and provides messages that appear to show that Darwin knew what Matthew had done, and was trying to hide it.

In one piece of evidence, Darwin’s wife admitted to Matthew that the theory of evolution was his “real daughter”, but that her husband raised her “like his daughter”.

Sutton stated: “In 1859 Darwin copied the theory of evolution by natural selection, which had appeared in an earlier publication by Patrick Matthew in 183.”

He added: “Matthew was the first to call the natural process of selection. Darwin realized he had no choice but to use the same words with some changes, so he called it the process of natural selection and wished that no one would discover it.”

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