The decisive moments .. What happens at the drilling site to save Ryan?

The Moroccan security forces cordoned off the entrance to the excavation site, in anticipation of the moment that the child Rayan was retrieved, with ambulances and a helicopter ready to transport him, once he was taken out..

Informed sources indicated that the drilling operations for the borehole are very close to the gap in which Rayan commented, pointing out that “the higher Moroccan authorities are closely following the progress of rescue attempts.”

Drilling workers use metal channels to pass the dust out and protect themselves, while the competent authorities have installed devices to monitor any vibrations in the well area.

There is a state of anticipation on the site among the thousands of people who have gathered to follow the events, as their cries are loudly heard in the hope of saving Ryan.

Later, a spokesman for the rescue committee said, “The baby Ryan is being supplied with oxygen and there is great hope for his survival,” adding that “about two meters separate us from Ryan.”

He added, “We are prudently dealing with drilling operations,” noting that 11 drilling experts and engineers are participating in the operation.

And earlier on Saturday, Moroccan sources revealed to “Sky News Arabia” that new indications show that Rayan is still alive.

The sources stated that the rescue teams would reach Rayan in less than an hour, if drilling continues on its current pace.

On Tuesday, Rayan fell into a deep well in a village in the Chefchaouen province in northern Morocco. Then, on Thursday, video clips spread, in which he appeared still slightly moving, which raised high hopes that he would be removed while he was still alive.

By Friday, the images obtained through a camera that were lowered to the Ryan site, at a depth of about 30 meters, receded..

According to press reports in Morocco, on Saturday afternoon, quoting sources in the rescue squad, there are no more recent photos of Rayan, because his face is no longer on the opposite side of the camera, saying that “this rotation impeded the monitoring of indicators of his health.”

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