Luminerium at Expo Dubai..a unique experience for foodies of the senses

The luminium, a gigantic, domed aerodynamic structure made of pneumatic material on the festival lawn, is bathed in a wide range of colors from the inside.

Luminerium is described as a place designed in a way that combines the shape of the womb and the cathedral, and its name came from the shape that consists of twelve surfaces, a Platonic solid with 12 faces derived from the five-sided shapes, in addition to the three domes that are the most important characteristic of it.

Visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai enjoy a luminous environment with multiple colors inside, which is formed by reflecting external light through colored plastic panels, giving them unique experiences when the light changes during daylight hours and in different weather conditions.

The structure – whose experience is food for the senses – attracts all ages, and leaves all who enter the maze-like structure in a state of awe, enhanced by the effects of nature’s sounds, meticulously designed just for it.

The latest version of the Hulk Dome features interlocking illuminated stripes on the inner walls of the three domes, which combine with the colors of the rainbow to create a wonderful photography experience, perfect for Instagram fans.

the eighties of the last century

The founder and designer of the Air Engineers Project, Alan Parkinson, began experimenting with it in the 1980s with aerodynamic sculptures using gas or compressed air to make inflatable structures.

As for Dodecalis, Parkinson was inspired by architectural designs as diverse as Gothic cathedrals, Islamic architecture, and the works of innovative architects such as Antoni Gaudí, Frei Otto and Richard Buckminster Fuller.

Mandatory procedures are imposed to wear masks in order to ensure the safety of visitors always, in the queues to enter the attraction, and within the technical design as well, while the structure can accommodate 80 people, but the permissible capacity has been reduced to 70%, or the equivalent of 56 visitors per tour. Structure managers regulate the flow of visitors, powerful air conditioning filters change the entire volume of air inside the modular design every ten minutes, and fixtures are cleaned every hour of business, then cleaned again every evening.

Millions of visits

On the other hand, The number of visitors to “Expo 2020” has exceeded 10 million so far, while this number is expected to rise in the coming days, as the journey of the global event held on UAE soil, specifically Dubai, will end on March 30th.

The number of virtual visits to the global event exceeded the 72.5 million mark, driven by a range of cultural and entertainment events and activities available through Live from Expo, as well as extensive live broadcast coverage.

The “Expo Dubai” has witnessed the visit of a large number of celebrities in various fields so far, the last of whom was the Manchester United player and one of the football legends, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who visited the exhibition last Friday.

Ronaldo appeared on the stage, whose stands were filled with fans, as an elevator carried the entire circular stage from underground to the center of the audience.

Ronaldo appeared in the dialogue session, accompanied by the award for footballer of all time, presented by the “Globe Soccer” in partnership with the Dubai International Sports Conference, which the Portuguese star won last month.

Ronaldo thanked the fans present in Al Wasl Square, stressing his love for the city of Dubai and its people, noting his keenness to visit Dubai annually, stressing that Dubai always succeeds in important events, and he called on everyone to be keen to visit the exhibition.

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